West Coast vs. East Coast, Why Choose?

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Is your style more West Coast Cali vibes or East Coast NYC chic? Relaxed or Elegant? Bohemian or Sophisticated? Do we HAVE to choose between the two? We at Côte believe that you shouldn't have to. You should be able to take aspects of each style and blend them together make your own!
Think of it like your two favorite ice cream flavors. When you first decided to mix chocolate and vanilla and it made the most amazing flavor because you got BOTH! I mean, the more flavors the better, right? Our name, Côte, literally means "coast" and we chose this because we want the most flavor! Not stuck with east vs. west or chocolate vs. vanilla. The Neapolitan of boutiques, if you will. And even though we are located on the East Coast in Morehead City, NC we love the 70's vintage vibes that make our wanderer hearts flutter just as much as the structured edgy looks of our NYC girl bosses. 
So, we've put together two separate looks, one from Abby and one from Andie, who show you how to blend your unique style. 
Andie's Pick: a black structured button down dress with corset belt detail. "Your classic East Coast style features structure, functionality, and a little bit trendy. Enter, our Madam Corset Belted Dress. The button down collar gives off a classic vibe, but the trendy corset belt gives the dress a statement while also accentuating the waist. The bauble earrings and cuff bracelet give this look the sophisticated East Coast vibes we love so much." 
To give it a West Coast flair: pair with a loose fit cardigan and Panama Hat. "Pairing a fitted dress with something a little looser to give it a more breezy feel is the perfect way to add some West Coast vibes to your look. The Panama Hat just gives it that extra beachy feel that draws us so much to the Cali look." 
Abby's Pick: A light blue trench coat paired with boyfriend style jeans. "When I think of East Coast fashion I think of the classics and of elegance. The trench coat I feel like never goes out of style and is a true classic. I've paired this baby blue trench with the same relaxed denim you'll find on any Cali girl. Blending these two styles make Jayden look effortlessly chic."
Let us help you find your perfect style!
Abby & Andie



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